Monday, August 4, 2014

Windchimes Make for Beautiful Music and Gifts

     We all have items in our lives that brighten our day. Some even have the littlest of things. Windchimes have always made me happy. Of the seven that I own each one is special and makes different sounds when the wind nudges it oh so slightly or at times pushes it with a gust. I try to place my chimes at different levels so I catch the waves of wind that flow through. Am I a hoarder of windchimes? I don't think so. Many years ago I would purchase them for gifts to give my children's teachers. Each teacher appeared to appreciate the colorful and musical apparatus. This week I was lucky enough to capture a 50% off special at the new Dollar General down the street. Two chimes for a couple of bucks. Not a bad deal.

Dragonfly and Butterfly Windchimes

Even though you may not see the wind that causes the chimes to sound, you can be assured it is there.

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