Monday, August 4, 2014

Be Prepared As You Watch for Your Opportunity

     When I stand outside and watch a beautiful butterfly gliding up and down, I am anxiously hoping it would land and stay awhile so I could take its picture. But a larger goal of mine has been to capture two butterflies in the same photo. I see pairs flying around quite often but they will not stay in one spot long enough for me to snap a shot whether it be in focus or out. Well, today I got my opportunity and luckily I had my camera in hand. I know they're not flying but oh well, believe me this is good enough!
Summer Azures
Two of the smallest butterflies in North America

     Animals can teach us many things and today they have taught me that one's goal or dream may be possible but you must be prepared. I really don't know how many other chances I may get to photograph two butterflies at the same time. Just as in life, one may not know if the same opportunity will come along again. We must not only wait patiently and be prepared for our opportunity but watch for it.

Observe the opportunity. Ecclesiasticus 4:20


  1. I probably wouldn't have the patience to wait. These blue butterflies are beauties. I found your blog and added it to my favorites. Good job.

    1. Thanks so much Pat. :) I appreciate your comments!