Sunday, June 19, 2016

To My Dad

     Ever since he passed away, I write on a card...just a few lines about how I am doing, what is going on and how the kids are. I also try to thank him for anything that comes to mind that I hadn't thanked him for in the past writings. I thank him for teaching me things, taking me places and other things that I never got the chance to...or didn't think about, when he was alive. I have been writing a few lines each year on a Father's Dad card that I purchased the year he passed away. It has been 11 years now of writings. When I look back at the previous ones, I see how that year went and what I had thanked him for. I won't share all the writings on the card but I will share this year's...

Dear Dad,

     Thank you for teaching me how to properly wash and clean a car. Thank you for teaching me to change the oil in the car.
     Everything is going fine here. K. has been married a year now and E. is enjoying college. I hope you don't mind if I try and publish that book I have been working on.
     I would be visiting you today and of course Grandma. I miss you two. It sure is lonely without y'all here. I am getting older and am wondering if I will be missed when I am gone. By the way, I got a new car. I will try to keep it clean but you know I live on this gravel road.

Your number one Daughter.

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  1. Oh, what a sweet ritual to have, Tracie. I am ambivalent (had to check spelling) about my dad. I have some poems about him/ one in his voice (A Spoon River form), but they are not the usual glowing, wonderful dad most post about. He stayed around --at least in the physical world--thru 8 children. I heard him answer someone's question, "How did you make it so long?" (I think it was an anniversary celebration. He said, "There was no other choice." Sigh.