Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Through His Eyes

     One of my past co-workers posted a picture, that her young son had drawn, on facebook. It can be compared to many other artistic drawings by little ones where the child is too young to spell so the teacher or parent writes what the child is trying to say about his and her drawing.

     I contacted my friend and she agreed that I could share her son's drawing with you. I am grateful to her. As you see, it says that Spring reminds him of rain and Christmas. I have watched him grow through his mother's pictures and posts. He is an adorable child.

     It started me thinking why would he say Spring is like Christmas and then I realized why. It is obvious about the rain because of all that we received in April. One can't help but think of Spring without thinking of all that pouring water.

     Spring does bring Christmas, not in the sense that Christmas is around the corner. Spring brings gifts. This is exactly how most children view Christmas. It is a wonderful time for getting gifts.

     With blooming flowers, leaves on trees turning green, animals coming out of their burrows, bubbling creeks and robins singing, nature comes alive. The temperature turns warmer and children are able to play outside. They are joyful. God has given us fresh air, renewed friendships, the joining of two lives and colorful arrays of plants, flowers and birds to appreciate during this time. God has given us many springtime gifts.

     Through the eyes of a child, Spring makes him think of Christmas. Christmas is not only a time of gift giving but a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Spring is also a celebration time. It is when we celebrate Easter - when Jesus died on the cross for us. A gift to be received by anyone at anytime. The biggest gift of all. Spring is the best time to be reminded of Christmas.


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