Thursday, March 5, 2015

Building A Snowman Is A Teaching Opportunity

     I remember building my first snowman or trying to at least. It was hard work, even for a child. I was cold but the best part about it was that I had my mom teaching me how to do it. I'm sure if she had just sent me out the door and said, "Go build a snowman," I might have figured it out but probably not, knowing what I know now.
     First, you take a handful of snow and pack it into a snowball. Then the hard part comes. You must take the little snowball and place it in the snow and roll. You must roll until your little snowball becomes a giant snowball, making sure to stay in the snow and not back over the area you have just rolled in. This takes time and movement. It probably burns lots of calories.
     The base of the snowman must be larger than the other two parts of the snowman. Oh yeah, the snowman is comprised of three large round snowballs. The bottom one being the largest and the middle one the next largest and the head or top snowball is the smallest and by the time you get to making it you are glad it is the smallest because you are usually tired from all that work.
     It is worth building a snowman? Yes, of course. But remember children should be shown, otherwise they might possibly get frustrated and give up. So get out there and enjoy the snow with your children. If you live in the south, snowfall doesn't happen everyday. This is your chance to reconnect with your little one or ones! Have fun! Get cold! After you build your snowman enjoy a snowball fight or make snow angels! Oh, and don't forget to thank the person that taught you!


  1. I was the oldest of 8. Don't remember "learning how to build a snowman." Good post; good pic; good snowman, sweet girl.

  2. Wow. Didn't know that many were in your family! I'm sure the younger ones learned a lot from you. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I appreciate it. I changed "have to be taught' to "should be shown." :)