Thursday, June 19, 2014

Today, I tasted Memories. I tasted Love.

    I have been anticipating opening the jar of honey ever since I purchased it last week. I guess because I was looking forward in recapturing a moment in time; a time of screen doors and country morning sunshines, where I am sitting at grandma's kitchen table eating bacon, eggs and biscuits smothered with delicious golden honey.

     One summer morning in 1969, I was introduced to honey with it's comb. My life forever changed. To me, it was the greatest tasting food on earth and to a child that craved sweetness, I was in pure happiness.

     I wondered if I would receive the same experience as I did that first time since I hadn't had honey with it's comb since then.
     I prepared my biscuits, twisted open the jar, and the aroma filled my nose and memories flooded my mind. As I dipped my biscuit into the honey I appreciated every taste. I didn't have honey everyday, just as I didn't eat at Cracker Barrel everyday. So I savored the moment. Every time I eat at a Cracker Barrel, I feel like I am on vacation. There is a reason for this. It is because when my family would travel we would stop by there for breakfast. But since there is one in town now and I can eat there anytime, I make sure I don't.

     When grandmother told me I could bite into the comb, I trusted her and discovered it to be even sweeter than the honey. What a surprised. The wax gave an ever lasting, chew like, gum experience. And being a child, I loved gum.

     Today, I tasted memories. I tasted love.

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