Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last of the March Winds (April 27, 2015)

A gusty but steady wind showed up today. It appeared to be one of the March winds that had somehow been left behind and was trying to hurry and catch up with the many winds that had come and gone before it. Making the air chilly on this sunny April afternoon and continuing to for hours caused me to think it was running a race. I commend it for not giving up even though it showed up unexpectedly.
Streams of cool air rushed through the screen causing the wind chimes to twist and play their lovely song tunes. I was sure hoping the wind would hurry and catch up because I like my yearly Aprils and Mays warm. Green leaves on the trees twinkled in the sunlight as the wind continuously rocked them back and forth.
This day reminded me of days on the beach except it is usually a little warmer there than here. I miss the ocean's waters and the sand between my toes. I will remain content for now with dirt in my fingernails as I pull weeds and transplant poke weed from the yard to the wheelbarrow. I have decided to embrace this hopeful last lonely runner as he moves swiftly and steadily by putting on a jacket.
This lingering force of nature teaches me that one only needs to participate to perservere, whether it be in a race or something as important as a job, skill or life. You can be assured that you can finish just as strong as the other participants. Although you may not be as fast or in the lead, you can travel the same distance in the same manner and reach the same goal or ending point. Never give up! The lagging March wind didn't!



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