Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Silly Songbird

      I was listening to some music by a band that I really liked while sitting outside on the screened-in deck. A little songbird showed up and stayed for awhile. Most birds won't sit that long or even come that close in the first place. After the song was over, I was still looking at her, and she suddenly did something unexpected. There was a wind chime located directly below her and she fluttered down to it and kicked the chimes with her little feet, like she knew exactly what she was doing. Maybe she did. Maybe she had done it before. She went over onto another part of the deck and snatched up a moth, and then she must have decided she didn't like it because I saw it fall from her beak. Lastly, she flew onto the limb of a nearby tree. I have learned that there's a chance songbirds not only like to sing songs, they like to listen to them too. I have also learned that a certain little songbird has learned how a wind chime works.


  1. Great piece of observation. I hear several haiku in this story. Earlier, I noticed a kitten lying in the birdbath, partly in the water. A dragonfly lit on a nearby lamb's ear seedpod and stayed and stayed. Neither seemed to acknowledge the other. Next time I looked, the dragonfly had flown;the cat was still there. Nature is full of wonderful sights--and insights. xoxo

    1. Thanks Pat. Sure wish I would have paid attention to Nature more, when I was younger. I've never seen a kitten lying in a birdbath! It is really hot now, so I can understand.